12 Features

Light Weight

Light as plume,
only 2/3 of cotton’s weight.

High Durability


As tough as linen.

No Fluff

With no fluff or cotton dust, this
may be a great option for people with allergies or sensitivities.

High Wicking

Absorb excess moisture from
skin quickly.

High Absorbency

Keep dry and
feeling comfortable.

High Breathability

Hollow fiber structure, able to
adjust moisture and temperature.


Porous fiber of Abaca and hollow
structure of the Abacell.

Anti Bacterial

Remain natural antibacterial
even after washes.

Odor Resistant

Naturally odor control.

UV Resistant

With Manila hemp’s structure and the
weaving method, it effectively cuts
97% UV.


Abaca is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable. Initial growth period of
12-25 months, can be harvested every
3 to 8 months.

Light Weight

Weight comparison with cotton, it is 30-40% lighter.

Anti Bacterial

Third party testing and report

Odor-resistant : with reference to FTTS-FA-018, the result is 100%.
Anti-bacterial : with reference to FTTS-FA-027, the results are both qualified, 4.70 for ATCC 6538, and 3.06 for ATCC 4352

UV Resistant

With reference to the test of AATCC183 UV Resistant coefficient of BV, the protective coefficient is up to 30 grades, and the ultraviolet shielding rate is up to 97%.